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Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory Services

The business environment in Australia and abroad is constantly evolving and whether we encounter a client wanting to realise the maximum worth of their business or an investor seeking opportunities, Green & Sternfeld has a long and respected history of providing a full and integrated range of corporate advisory services.

Whilst every transaction is unique, we ensure that our service offerings are all underpinned by:

  • High levels of director and senior staff involvement
  • Detailed understanding of the key objectives and issues that impact value
  • Experience in negotiating through the red tape often involved in corporate transactions
  • Independence and experience to offer advice in a vast array of industries
  • Understanding of the importance of meeting deadlines on time and within budget
  • Timely identification and communication of issues

The Directors and senior staff in our team all possess sound business acumen, high level academic qualifications and significant expertise.  Our commercial experience combined with our acute technical skills ensure that you will be provided with valuable, timely and expert advice. 

These qualifications, experience and resources combine to produce a highly-skilled and client-focused corporate advisory practice with high levels of quality control and professionalism. Our specialist services include:

  • Capital Structuring
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Transaction Support
  • Valuations
  • Corporate Advice
  • Independent Accountant Reports


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